14′ Veneer Table

Oat Foundry has helped provide furniture centerpieces, signature Saxbys signage, and other fabrication solutions for multiple locations around the greater Philadelphia area, so it was only natural that the team be involved in the new Saxbys UPenn storefront.

Saxbys wanted the interior of this new location to be as inviting and hospitable as their company core values, and for the store’s centerpiece, Saxbys approached Oat Foundry seeking two large co-working tables. Both tables, one 9’ x 4’ and the other 14’ x 4’, would provide an open pallet for groups of any size to collaborate freely and without feeling cramped.

Both tables were constructed of square stock tube framing, each welded as one piece. The entirety of each frame was then cladded in ¾” walnut veneered plywood, mitered at all joints to create a sleek and beautiful form. To emphasize the clean lines of the mitered joints, the table shows no visible hardware, which the Oat Foundry team was able to accomplish with a precise build plan. The tables were protected with a water-based polyurethane, polished to a silky smooth finish, and delivered and installed onsite for the location’s Grand Opening.

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