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When you think about airline food, you probably imagine bland, pre-made snacks and meals. That’s not the case with Air France. They’re notorious for their expertise in the culinary arts and ability to create a relaxing, comfortable, and memorable gastronomic journey. That’s what inspired Gradient, an experiential marketing agency, to partner with the airline and create an immersive dining experience unlike any other – Paris for Dessert.

Gradient’s multi-pronged approach started with an elevated street activation to increase social media visibility and mass media awareness. The exclusive dining experience for lifestyle press followed. For five nights in Soho NYC, consumers, press, and VIPs were greeted by a mock-check-in where their bags were tagged for their experience inside a recreated plane fuselage. Guests’ taste buds were tantalized by exceptional French cuisine curated by chef Daniel Bould.

In the past, Split Flap Displays were most commonly used to create timetables in airports. Certain transport centers in France still utilize Split Flap Displays to relay information to travelers, so it was only fitting that Air France rent a Split Flap from Oat Foundry. As guests were immersed in this exceptional dining experience, a custom Split Flap Display, reminiscent of airports in years past, whirred in the background.

While dining, one lucky couple was selected at random, winning a pair of round-trip Business Class flights, premium hotel stay, and dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant. We were delighted to partner with Gradient and Air France, installing a 3R x 15C Split Flap to create a unique way of providing information and announcing winners in an already exciting environment.

This collaborative effort was a huge success for Gradient and Air France. The overall dining experience, from the setting to the cuisine served, helped to create nearly 100 million media impressions. In addition, 6.5 million influencers engaged with their audiences and the Air France brand, inspiring more people to travel.

The inclusion of the Split Flap Display in such a unique environment helped to elevate the diners overall experience, showcasing the winning names in a nostalgic, suspenseful manner, and ultimately create buzz around the exciting Paris For Dessert Bundle Air France offered to anyone that booked a trip to Paris.

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    Location: New York City
    Designer: Gradient

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