Caprice Audio

    Caprice Audio is a manufacturer of proprietary electronics packages that improve the quality of high-end Hi-Fi sound systems through their noise reduction solutions. The electronics are housed within sleek, low-profile acrylic enclosures that complement the look of any Hi-Fi system they are wired into. Founder Luis Alberto approached Oat Foundry for development and fabrication assistance of this acrylic enclosure for two reasons: he wanted a local fabricator who could meet aggressive deadlines, and to help innovate his packaging design on a monthly basis to meet overseas shipping and packaging needs. Luis’ previous fabricator could not provide the comprehensive attention his development required in a timely manner, and he was left with an enclosure prototype that only came close to his products’ needs.

    The Caprice Audio enclosure needed to be slimmed down from a 1” profile to a 0.60” profile height due to shipping concerns, while still allowing for an adequate internal cavity to provide protection for the electronics within. Reducing the profile meant dropping material thickness all around, which raised concerns of both fragility and difficulty of fabrication. Consulting directly with Luis, Oat Foundry proposed multiple fabrication alterations to the enclosure to accommodate these concerns and to ensure structural soundness. Over the course of 3 months and a multitude of iterations, Oat Foundry proved itself to be exactly the reliable, local fabricator Luis needed to provide a high level of on-board support. Using laser cutting and laser engraving processes, Oat Foundry was able to rapidly produce and rigorously test enclosures with a whole slew of internal support variations specifically designed to house and fit Caprice Audio’s electronics layout. The culmination of these efforts are shown in the beautiful, sleek and structurally  sound acrylic enclosure that looks as good as your Hi-Fi system will sound using it.

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