The Canadian Brewhouse

Alberta, Canada

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Hip is an understatement. Where else can you salsa dance, bowl, hear a Split Flap, and spin a giant Price Is Right wheel all in one place? The premium dive bar is a spin-out of the popular Canadian Brewhouse brand and serves as a concept they expand into other ventures. With bowling, pinball, and more physical games to interact with, the Split Flap display is a custom bar sign, contributed to the atmosphere, and delivered valuable info to thirsty guests. The display acts as a rotating draft list, giant word search, fact wall, and well… whatever the staff is feeling that day.

At Oat Foundry, we understand the value of a well-crafted display in your bar or business. In addition to displaying important information, like a draft list, details of an upcoming event, or a list of chef’s specials — your bar’s signage also contributes to the atmosphere and by extension to the experience of every guest who walks through your doors. The Split flap display at Canadian Brewhouse perfectly blended those aspects of form and function so that essential info blended seamlessly with the bar’s decor.

The beauty of the Split Flap Display is that it’s not only custom-built to your space, it’s also endlessly customizable depending on your needs. Wednesday it could be showing trivia questions, Thursday it could be rotating happy hour specials, and Friday it could be giving details of the night’s entertainment. Being able to customize your signage on the fly means you can declutter the space, leaving you more room to add to your atmosphere or to leave empty space for a cleaner feel. Whether you’re looking for down-home comfort or a high-end swagger, a Split Flap display can be built to complement your aesthetic. Best of all, the unique sensory inputs of the signs — the soothing clicking sounds, and the mesmerizing spinning of each letter will leave an impression on every guest which they won’t soon forget. Learn more about how our designers and engineers can build you the perfect custom bar display for your space. Contact us today to get started!

Photography: Thomas Hopkins

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