Big Truck Farm Brewery

Parkton, Maryland

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Big Truck Farm located in Parkton is Maryland’s largest hop farm and taproom. The brewery is just minutes below the Mason Dixon Line along Rt. 83 and delivers some of the best brews the Mid-Atlantic has to offer. The farm takes up over 250 acres of fresh (and farmable) soil with their taproom overlooking several miles of the Maryland landscape. Since opening their doors they have increased their growing operation from just 2 acres of hops to 10 acres – Marylanders love their beer!

The brewery has an industrial farmhouse look – makes sense right? The wrench tap handles, the timber frame ceiling, and even the garage doors that let the county air flow in the summer give the brewery an atmosphere like no other. Their menu features a roster of seasonal craft beers – like Santa’s Sleigh red ale – and their Core Collection of IPAs, Pale Ales and Lagers. Each beer in their core collection is named after different pick-ups, the Highboy, Flatbed, Halfcab, Dozer, and Dually. If you’re not a truck person, try a flight to see which rig is right for you.

Seasonal and craft beer menus call for a handful of changes which is why a Split Flap is a perfect fit for Big Truck Farm. The 3 row by 40 column display hangs above the inside bar and is visible from anywhere inside the brewery. The board adds a harmonious click-clack to the beautiful view of the countryside from the taproom. Guests enjoy the casual vibe around the working farm and brewery — some bringing blankets and chairs, others bringing their pups. Big Truck Farm is a must-see next time you’re cruising down 83.

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    Location: Big Truck Farm
    Image Credits: Melanie Zahn

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