DiNic’s Roast Pork

Servicing over 1,000 customers a day when the Convention Center is in full swing, DiNic’s Roast pork is at the heart of Philadelphia cuisine. Over 60 years of roast pork tradition has led to a streamlined system of taking and filling orders for mouth watering sandwiches and hoagies. Still, even a well-built machine needs some tender love and care, and it is Oat Foundry’s continuing honor to provide for DiNic’s Roast Pork’s iconic Reading Terminal Market location.




In September 2014, DiNic’s first approached Oat Foundry for rework of an unstable steam table and bread organizing station. Needing a no-hassle solution, Oat Foundry came in to the Market early in the mornings to take site dimensions of the table, and used those to design and fabricate custom bracketing system.

Within a few weeks, Oat Foundry had designed, fabricated and completed the install of the steam table brackets. These 4 custom stainless steel brackets were designed to not only remove any instability in the steam work table, but to also provide a simple removal process for cleaning of the wooden workboards. The brackets were riveted to the existing steam table early one morning, and the roast pork making machine has been back to a comfortable purr ever since.

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