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Are you tired of finishing your bratwurst and having to ~*StAnD uP*~ for a helping of seconds? Our Bratwurst Launcher is an absolute unit of a cannon that launches your food from the grill right to your hungry hands. With its stainless steel construction and high-pressure specs, our Bratwurst Launcher can shoot a bratwurst up to 1,000 feet. Don’t get up for seconds, catch them!

Bratwurst Launcher in Action



The Bratwurst Launcher has stainless steel components allowing it to be filled with pressures up to 200 pounds per square inch (PSI). Once loaded and filled with air, the launcher is charged, locked, and ready to rock — to send a bratwurst from your hip to as high as 200 feet straight up. The flying bratwurst is encased in an aerodynamic, 3D printed “not a missile” fuselage that opens at the apex of its flight, unfurling a parachute, and delivering a fully intact brat.

How We Designed It


With our look, feel, and operating concept in mind, we started building. We chose to use compressed air as the launching mechanism to avoid freezing from CO2 and Nitrogen. Initially we fabbed with PVC piping to get a prototype in our hands fast, but there were some major design challenges. It was effective at a few launches, but unsafe to continuously fill a plastic product with compressed air. We then shifted to a stainless steel model, for maximum functionality, reliability, and safety.

How We Built It


Turning raw stainless steel piping into a cannon-like mechanism requires welding, air sealing, and a high-pressure tube system. The Launcher is built so the air fills the tank from the front end and feeds through a tube system connected to the trigger. When depressed, the butterfly valve opens releasing all 200lbs of air and a Bratwurst at Formula 1 speeds.





1 Bratwurst



Stainless Steel


Firing Mechanism:

Compressed Air




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