Broken Records Beer Hall

Boston, Massachusetts

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Black Sheet Metal Casing
Black Flaps with Custom Vinyl Flaps
Custom Interactive Software

Broken Records is a modern beer hall beloved to the Allston neighborhood of Boston. This communal hall welcomes all with open doors, endless beer, and a retro-modern twist on a pub banner that bands visitors under one roof.

The Broken Records hall is all about breaking records together – as teams, families, friends, and neighbors. Walk right in and you’ll feel at home – the space blends togetherness and camaraderie, making room for everyone with its tight-knit locker-room feel.

Visitors settle-in however they wish – whether in the communal table area, the energetic sports and gaming section, or one of the smaller, warmly lit gathering areas. Add their totally delicious and shareable menu with drinks for every palate (even those who do not imbibe!), and you’ve got a restaurant atmosphere that’s a play for success.

But, Broken Records had two tricks up their sleeve that changed the game for inclusive restaurant displays:

Using our analog displays to rotate through beer lists and post live track results – Broken Records brings the news of the game straight to the beer hall’s “locker-room” huddles.

Taking advantage of our logo rasterization option, Broken Records found its own unique way to raise its own flag and unify all visitors.

Everyone stays in tune with the beer hall happenings as their Split Flap display – center to the bar and space – sends out only the most important messages to its patrons – beer selections and track updates. The ongoing rotations keep visitors engaged and ready to celebrate on a whim.

And when it’s time for guests to band together – be it for a live-stream game, Neighborhood Night, or Trivia Night – Broken Records is the place to be.

We love a big vision at Oat Foundry. We want to make your display and branding goals become reality – which is why we give our clients the option to print one logo per flap, or print one logo per display.

Broken Records went big and bold and ordered a 10 row x 40 column Split Flap that featured their rasterized logo, along with one custom teal flap color.

With rasterization, almost any logo can be transferred to a Split Flap display. We digitally print your logo across each flap with an exact balance of contrasting colors to create the whole image for your logo.

Similar to the hall’s team-playing atmosphere, the Broken Records display operates like an all-star team – a marked group of individuals who work together – without fail – towards one, big vision. Safely said, this kind of logo application creates a uniquely individual, yet whole, display.

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