Burt’s Bees | The Bait Shoppe

    The Baite Shoppe came to Oat Foundry with a unique sign idea for Burt’s Bees for an upcoming event. The catch? The event was only a week away. In only 4 days the Oat Foundry team aligned on the design, came up with a fabrication plan, executed, and delivered in time to bolster the Burt’s Bees brand experience at the event.

    Once Oat Foundry was provided the Burt’s Bees logo and some design direction from the Bait Shoppe team, it was time to get to work crafting a fabrication plan. The design aesthetic included 2ft lettering in the style of the Burt’s Bees logo lined in 5″ sections of reclaimed wood lath from West Philadelphia.

    The team got to work straight away routing the letters out of medium density fiberboard. In parallel, the wood lath was cut and sanded to match. Over 500 individual pieces of wood lath later, the sign was ready to be assembled. Adhesive was applied to each piece of wood lath, then nailed directly to the fiberboard. Finally, once each letter was backed and lined with wood lath, a fresh coat of Pantone 135 was applied to give the sign its signature Burt’s Bees color. A few angle brackets were applied to the backs of the letters for mounting and the sign was delivered.

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