Modern Furniture

Oat Foundry has taken on a number of modern furniture projects, displaying at various institutions in the Philadelphia and New York City area including the Philadelphia Invitational Furniture Show, SELECT Art Fair, Affordable Art Fair, and more. In general, we seek to convey a deliberate choice of raw materials. The butcher block tables are maple and walnut with black iron pipe; a minimalist design that highlights the marriage between the craftsmanship of nature and the craftsmanship of man. With the slab benches/tables, we wanted to make nature the star of the show. The hairpin legs magnify the prominent single wood piece, as it seems to float in space. The grain is what we find beautiful – let’s show it off.

Oat Foundry craftsmen locally sourced high-grade walnut, cherry, and maple boards for these table and bench tops – each table and bench set is composed of layups of 2 different woods, visually patterning a message in Morse code for those with an eye for subtlety. The wood layups are sealed in rugged two-part polyurethane, complimented by legs of sleek black iron pipe.

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