Starr Restaurants / Roman and Williams

    After finishing up with the sconces, Starr Restaurant Group approached Oat Foundry with another endeavor. They needed 50 unique candle stick holders for their Le Cou Cou restaurant in NYC, which first needed internal alignment on design with famed firm Roman and Williams, then to be fabricated and finished to match the sconces in a few short weeks after that. With pewter casting and finishing expertise in hand, Oat Foundry went to bat.

    The structure was broken down into three main components, the top cylindrical structure, the middle decoratively fluted structure, and the base. Within a week, a salvaged antique was used in conjunction with a uniquely modeled base to create the high temperature silicone molds needed for pewter casting. The first prototype was subsequently casted, and minor design changes agreed upon. From there, it was time to get to work on making 50 more.

    Oat Foundry began casting pewter replicas of each of the three main components. Each base was precisely CNC machined to ensure each candlestick would sit flush on any surface. The bases were then undercut to provide a decorative ledge, finely sanded to provide a clean exposed surface, and drilled and counter-bored to allow room for hardware assembly through the axis of the candlestick. The decorative middle component was sanded and faced on both the top and bottom surfaces then drilled to make room for the threaded hardware hidden within the candlestick. Finally, the top piece designed to hold the candle was sanded then drilled and tapped to mate perfectly with the hardware protruding from the base through the middle structure. Each piece was painstakingly patina’d along the way, ensuring each exposed surface was covered and made to match the sconces that would be dawning the walls of the restaurant.

    In about a month Oat Foundry was able to design and create molds, cast 150 components in pewter, complete all finishing work, and deliver to the restaurant to provide a candlelight meal for all of Le Cou Cou’s patrons to enjoy.

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