Carnival Cruise Line

Miami, Florida

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Carnival Cruise Line is the world’s largest cruise corporation – and certainly the most fun. They wrap that fun up in all kinds of wild and exciting guest experiences – like a rollercoaster on the top deck of their latest ship. Ted Arison founded Carnival in 1972 and launched trips out of Miami on its first ocean liner Mardi Gras. November 2022 marks Carnival’s monumental 50th birthday and they now have a 23-ship fleet cruising out of 14 U.S. ports.

Carnival set out for the largest 50th birthday celebration the company could imagine, literally. They built a massive 1,130-foot cruiseliner, the Carnival Celebration, that can accommodate over 5,000 guests across 18 decks. For our fellow Philadelphians out there, the ship stretches nearly three city blocks – it could almost have its own zip code! The Carnival Celebration is a toast to the last 50 years at sea and an ode to the many destinations it cruises to through each of its six themed zones throughout the ship. Each zone has its own purpose, whether it’s a stage for nightly performances, an upscale bar with premium cocktail options, a Guy Fieri BBQ pit, basketball courts, a full-size rollercoaster, or a supreme splash zone for the kids. Our personal favorite zone is The Gateway – home to the first Split Flap at sea.

When creating the blueprints for The Gateway, Carnival sought to create an environment inspired by travel. The Gateway features Emeril’s Bistro 1397, design accents inspired by the golden age of travel, and a bar reminiscent of a high-end railway. Large mid-century style windows line the walls of the entire space and are in-fact digitally controlled screens that can show various designs and mimic various weather conditions. Carnival also brought in an old Rolls-Royce and vintage decor from other decommissioned ships. The Oat Foundry Split Flap Display found its permanent vacation spot above Latitudes, the transit-inspired bar. While the bar originally had spec’d in a static sign, when the experience team discovered Oat Foundry’s Split Flap, they realized it could have a starring role as part of the dynamic performance that happens every evening in Latitudes. The board rotates through messages about the ship, schedules, and current happenings and connects to the audio-visual experience throughout the space. Each nightly show is themed to teleport the guests into different locations and cultures around the world. The display has custom software that helps tie it into the space’s MIDI feature – a tool that synchronizes the audio and visuals. One of the experiences is a journey through time from the far past to the far future with Split Flap guiding the way. The windows show immersive visuals, making The Gateway feel like a massive time machine. The audio creates an IMAX atmosphere, except this time you’re a part of the story and the Split Flap clack clack clacks to different messages to pinpoint the millennium through which you are traveling. Our CEO had the opportunity to see it in action on opening night. “I was blown away” said Oat Foundry CEO, Mark Kuhn, “The way the New Builds and Entertainment teams timed the iconic Split Flap with the MIDI system for open mic night songs AND for the traveling-through-time show — people were just mesmerized.”

Carnival Cruise Lines’ rich history in travel is emulated throughout the 18 decks of Celebration. The ship is now cruising throughout the Caribbean year-round, so pack your bathing suit and toss on your flip-flops and book your trip! And always remember, Choose Fun.

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