Carolina Timberworks

West Jefferson, North Carolina

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In a lot of ways, our partnership with Carolina Timberworks was like meeting a long-lost friend. Turns out, we share a lot in common:

We love engineering. We never stop building. And we never want to stop!

At Oat Foundry, we like to say “We Build Cool Stuff.” In this case, analog Split Flap boards.

Meanwhile, we like to say Carolina Timberworks “Builds Cozy Stuff.”

Carolina Timberworks builds custom and kit timber frames that retain remarkable warmth and make you feel like you’re nestled away in a cabin on a forested mountain for winter vacation.

But cabins aren’t the only builds they frame – from barns to gazebos to commercial spaces and beyond – all their creative applications of timber framing have this magical effect that envelopes whatever is underneath – be it animals, grandma, or your co-worker Steve – in coziness and unparalleled support.

We adore art – We are do-ers by hand, driven to create builds that please your senses with beauty that lasts a lifetime.

Carolina Timberworks unites artisanal framing know-how with modern tech and tools that calculate perfect cuts and joins every time. Plus, their tech prioritizes each cut to make sure as little timber as possible goes to waste!

Meanwhile, Oat Foundry is combining the vintage appeal of analog with our proprietary, easy-to-use software that allows you to easily view, manage, schedule, and update your display boards.

We aspire to build things that make people stop and stare and soak up the moment. We like to be your backdrop for fond memories. Which is why we feel especially honored to have our standard model 4 row x 16 column sign hung in the Carolina Timberworks’ immaculate showroom.

Quality is our centerfold. There are some problems only hands can solve, which is why all of our products are built to last. Everything starts on a peer-reviewed drawing board. We run our designs through software to verify our designs before building. And when it’s time, everything is assembled and tested by hand.

Timber framed structures can remain for hundreds of years. And while Split Flap has not been around as long, we are proud to say our signs still pass the tests of time. In fact, we have an ongoing display rotating in our flagship office in Philadelphia, which has completed over 32 million rotations since 2017.

So when it comes to getting your ideas off the ground, we both mean business. We think their slogan, “When You Buy Quality, You Only Cry Once,” could not ring more true.

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