Conference Table

Saxbys came to Oat Foundry looking for some unique furniture and fixturing for their headquarters as well as some new local openings. Saxbys CEO Nick Bayer maxed out his AmEx card to create Saxbys Coffee in 2005 because he wanted to provide a welcoming space with consistently good coffee. Thanks to an unparalleled focus on hospitality and community, Saxbys has since expanded to 30 cafés. Their mission statement is to Make Life Better, which permeates through everything they do — engaging with guests and remembering their names and orders, partnering with local businesses, and volunteering in the community. As a team, they embrace being O.D.D. (Outgoing, Detail oriented, and Disciplined) so they can focus on hospitality first.

This powerful piece is a statement, whether used as a dining room table or a conference table. Crafted from six slabs of beautifully figured, salvaged Pennsylvania Black Walnut, the two tabletops sit on handmade steel plate legs and reveal a white oak center detail. Chamfered edges and a incredibly smooth, high-gloss, water repelling finish complete the messages behind this piece: Detail, beauty, elegance. The tables is 62” L x 96” W x 29” H.

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