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FCA is an architecture and interior design firm that unveiled the new design of its Philadelphia headquarters in late 2022. The result of a two-year journey involving extensive research, employee surveys, and design charrettes – the new workspace is a testament to FCA’s commitment to a dynamic and engaging environment. A notable highlight of this redesign is the innovative Picture Flap Display, serving as a central feature that embodies the firm’s vision for interactive collaboration and creative expression.

The office renovation puts collaboration at the forefront of the design intent. The new office aims to provide an experiential workplace that cannot be replicated at home and is an ideal space for an architecture and interior design firm. It is both somewhere where employees are excited to come to spend the 9-to-5 and where clients are excited and inspired to meet about their designs.

The 20-square-foot Picture Flap Display takes center stage, recessed into the wall in the main collaborative zone, providing a versatile platform for idea generation, project planning, and interactive discussions. Its rotating design allows for easy rearrangement of visual elements, fostering a flexible and dynamic environment.

The Picture Flap isn’t just a functional tool but also serves as a canvas for the FCA’s culture, creative process, and portfolio. Elements of the firm’s brand are seamlessly integrated into the Picture Flap’s design, symbolizing the company’s guiding principles: Place, Planet, People, Process, and Prosperity. A vibrant kitchen space, strategically positioned near the Picture Flap Display, becomes a central hub for collaborative exchanges and impromptu meetings. Feedback from one of the FCA designers who collaborated on the PF art was that it’s more versatile than any static imagery. They don’t need to swap art out regularly as it feels fresh and shows off many projects – much better than any static print could.

The Picture Flap has twenty flaps which can display twenty different artboards. FCA hand-picked a selection of imagery and vector graphics, which were printed on their fully custom sign. The images highlight their project portfolio, with favorite projects spanning the entire sign, and sprinkled design shots sprinkled in throughout. The firm’s classic black and white logo stands out while flipping through many photos of colorful interiors. Other printed graphics detail the firm’s mission of sustainability and company values. The firm can mix and match the imagery together, creating over one hundred unique layouts from their twenty artboards.

The rhythmic flipping of the Picture Flap brings kinetic energy to a static room. FCA employees describe it as something flowery about how clients are filled with inspiration and confidence upon seeing this awe-inspiring display. The coordinated movement of the display illuminates the space in a special way.

Picture Flap Displays are an eco-friendly signage solution crafted from predominantly locally sourced materials, setting them apart from other display alternatives. Designed to stand the test of time, Picture Flap offers exceptional longevity. This sign is never a black mirror like a powered-down TV – it’s always displaying your imagery, even when powered off. The display also only draws power when flipping – sipping energy slowly and amounting to a low power draw. Picture Flap Displays are built with sustainability in mind, making it an ideal choice for signage aimed at achieving LEED certification.

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    Location & Design: FCA

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