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Seattle, Washington

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Flight Wine + Chocolate is a Seattle-based one-stop shop for Washington’s most flavorful wines and chocolates. Since opening their doors in March 2021, sommeliers and chocolatiers David Wildman and Kevin Morton have combined two Northwest favorites, while incorporating luxury air travel into their culture – a natural fit with neighbors like Boeing and Alaska Airlines.

David Wildman developed his love for wine at a charity event that featured a roster of Washington wines and led him to become a Washington Wine Ambassador. He later joined the DeLille Cellars tasting room staff to really indulge in his newly found passion. Kevin Morton initiated his exploration into wine back in 2009 when the two linked up while teaching at a music camp that provided them with the opportunity to experience vinification behind the scenes – a barrel tasting of Kerloo wines. The two then explored wineries and tasting rooms in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho – admiring the atmosphere and culture each was home to. Upon pairing some of Kevin’s first batch of chocolates at a holiday dinner, a light went off in their heads. They would bring their home state wines to one place, Flight Wine and Chocolate.

The tasting room sits right in downtown Seattle and sends their guests’ tastebuds sky high with their First Class and Business Class tasting menus. Each ticket is complemented with luxury chocolate offerings – tastier than the typical airline peanuts. Their chocolates are artistically designed and deliciously crafted to give each a visually and tastefully pleasing element.

Flight Wine and Chocolate decided the best way to display their high-end menu items was on the face of a Split Flap Display – blissfully pairing their cuisine back to their air travel culture. The display features a custom font that caters to the mid-century air-travel design throughout the space. They also included a custom header graphic along the top of the display to give the sign a modern touch. The Split Flap flawlessly and continuously surprises and delights guests as it flips through the many menu items and gives them a sense of what life was like in the air travel hay day.

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    Photographer: Malia Nakamura

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