Gin Rickey’s

Atlantic City, New Jersey

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Nestled within The Quarter at the Tropicana, alongside culinary favorites like Carmine’s and The Palm, Gin Rickey’s emerges as a fresh addition to the array of dining experiences. Transforming the Tropicana’s entertainment scene, Gin Rickey’s stands as the sole piano bar, infusing the establishment with a vibrant and engaging singalong-style ambiance. The name itself, Gin Rickey’s, promises a thoughtfully curated cocktail selection that spans a broad spectrum of spirits. With a blend of retro charm and modern flair, the cocktail bar boasts neon accents reminiscent of the nineties, eighties-inspired entertainment, and a delectable menu spanning the ages.

Engaging patrons in a retro-style haven, Gin Rickey’s designed both its menu and venue to evoke nostalgia. Vibrant hues emanate from a range of lighting fixtures adorning the brick walls, creating an immersive atmosphere. The U-shaped bar offers a spacious and inviting setup, a space where guests can easily perch on stools to indulge in their libations. Unlike the congested style of bars that are multiple lines deep, Gin Rickey’s offers a more intimate setting that encourages camaraderie.

The dining area, centered around the dual pianos, provides an ideal vantage point for every guest, ensuring that the lively ambiance of the piano bar is accessible to all. Whether you’re soaring high with fortune or facing a minor setback, the distant hum of the slot machines makes way for a far more melodious soundscape – the rhythmic click-clack of a charming Split Flap display.

Gin Rickey’s sought a unique way to communicate quotes, daily specials, menu highlights, and the featured cocktails of the day without resorting to the commonplace LED screens. Enter the Split Flap display – a distinctive analog feature amidst the digital displays prevalent in Atlantic City. Perfectly aligned with the interactive essence of piano bars, the Split Flap retains the captivating ambiance even during moments when the pianos lie dormant.

So, whether it’s a morning pick-me-up or a nightcap, Gin Rickey’s promises an unforgettable experience. The next time you step into Atlantic City, make a beeline for The Quarter, where Gin Rickey’s invites you to savor an exquisite cocktail and relish a timeless journey that marries nostalgia with contemporary revelry.

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    Location: Gin Rickey’s

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