Glossier D.C.

Washington, D.C.

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Black Sheet Metal Casing
Stock Font with Black Flaps and Custom Vinyls
Stock Software

Glossier opened its first brick & mortar store in 2016 and has since been rolling out more locations across the globe. The once solely online makeup retailer is now focusing on its physical presence in a unique and fun way, giving each store its own identity from London’s floral theme to Miami’s Cabana culture – D.C.’s location landed an aviation theme.

Upon entering Glosser D.C. shoppers feel like they are walking through the fuselage of an aircraft – and it’s no economy ticket. Guests are welcomed with a warm hello from a Glossier team member wearing pink coveralls and offering assistance for new ‘flyers’ in the store. Then, an LED-lined walkway guides you through what feels like an aisle of an aircraft as the walls are decorated with mirrors in the form of airplane windows. Upon reaching the back of the “plane” shoppers make their way up a staircase that brings them into the glass-ceilinged atrium, only to be greeted by an angelic white departure board. The 3 Row x 24 Column Display is located at the entrance to the merchandise area, seamlessly grabbing attention as it displays messages like “welcome to terminal G”, and the staple “You Look Good” – the perfect instagrammable moment. The Split Flap’s custom white casing and black flaps help it fit right into the minimalist polished look of the space. The store has a clean look as it’s clad in white, light pink, and outlined in long strips of warm lighting throughout – highlighting the rows of cosmetics.

Glossier ties back to its online roots by having workers roam around the floor assisting customers and placing orders on their iPads. There is no sort of traditional cashiers, instead a ‘we come to you’ style ordering system. Once you place your order, you can make your way to the “baggage claim.” A pick-up window where your order is hoisted on a conveyor belt and delivered right into your hands – creating a seamless and elegant experience.

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    Location: Glossier

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