An analog-inspired space designed to be an education hub for all ages.

A space for learning


Google’s “Grow with Google” education program tours the country with the aim of helping everyone across America – those who make up the workforce of today and the students who will drive the workforce of tomorrow – access the best of Google’s training and resources. Now open for the first time in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood, the semi-permanent space seeks to provide the community with free training, tools, and events to help individuals grow their skills, careers, or businesses.

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A word from the designer


“Our intention is to create a relatable, comfortable environment filled with unique experiences that surprise and delight…

…When you walk into the lobby, you may not immediately recognize what it is, but every ten to fifteen minutes the Split Flap will move, creating a moment of pure excitement that brings smiles to visitors’ faces. Displays are normally used to convey a message, but the Split Flap adds an element of magic to information. It’s a signifier to visitors that this space differs from the norm.”


-Doss Freel, Associate Designer, Jack Morton Worldwide 

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grow with google new york city

Attention to detail


Beyond the lobby, every detail of the communal area is designed to achieve a level of functionality in its most simplistic form: oak-hued murphy tables fold up into the wall with a simple latch; foldable, industrial doors open to the classrooms with the press of a button; a painted mural decorates wall-mounted doors to create an unmistakable ‘photo ready’ moment; and green plants adorn every table and shelf.

As you move deeper into the space, there is a new element of technology driving physical presence, as simple as foldable doors and tables. Technology, in its purest form, gives us more opportunity to achieve our goals. This space proves that tech helps us to achieve peak function, while being comfortable and quite beautiful.

The center’s three classrooms evoke an elementary feel with simple, light wood tables and bright red, yellow, or blue chairs, adorned only with notebooks, Chromebooks, and pencil holders. Vintage light bulbs hang from the ceiling, conjuring the feeling of new ideas forming. The classrooms are meant to be familiar and are designed intentionally to eliminate any possible intimidation.

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Displays are normally used to convey a message, but the Split Flap adds an element of magic to information. Learn more about how our custom displays can help you create a ‘wow’ moment.

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