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Chicago’s Fulton Market neighborhood continues to grow as an innovation hub. The latest addition, at 345 N Morgan, is The Marketing Store. Crain’s Coolest Offices in Chicago recognized the new office space with an award in 2023. The leadership team decided to relocate to Fulton Market to unite the entire HAVI Group under one roof. They chose this neighborhood for its ability to encourage innovation and collaboration, inspiring their teams to create cutting-edge work.

The new office at 345 N Morgan spans four floors and is shared with HAVI’s subsidiaries — The Marketing Store (TMS), HAVI Supply Chain, and Stanley. Each floor is uniquely themed and designed to inspire collaboration while accommodating the needs of a modern hybrid work environment.

TMS put their range of creative skills to good use to lead the design work for the new office. The layout is very functional, given the evolving needs of their businesses and today’s workforce. It reflects HAVI’s culture, commitment to employees, and desire to connect people and brands in new and innovative ways.

In the design phase, TMS emphasized crafting communal spaces that spotlight their work and products. The space also nurtures a spirit of community and collaboration.

The space features arched floor-to-ceiling windows. It’s a beautiful way to provide abundant natural light to the kitchens and collaborative work areas on every level. There are also a variety of workspaces, including traditional desks, private meeting rooms, and communal town hall areas. The office features trendy amenities like a kombucha tap and a flavored seltzer machine. The chic additions extend beyond beverages, with the walls adorned with cool art and installations, including an Oat Foundry Picture Flap.

With a goal to blend artistry and functionality, TMS undertook an ambitious project: Commissioning a striking Picture Flap for the HAVI Supply Chain level of 345 N Morgan. Spanning an impressive 60 square foot area, the sign showcases HAVI’s capabilities and pays homage to its global workforce. Unlike static pieces, this kinetic analog piece brings the space to life with its dynamic animation – serving as a captivating focal point. The installation speaks volumes about HAVI’s commitment to innovation and creativity. The sign is an indispensable feature of the office environment – creating a quiet and captivating piece of art.

The new headquarters at 345 N Morgan is more than just an office. It’s a space that embodies their culture and collaboration.

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