Hotel Revival

Baltimore, Maryland

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Once upon a time, famous writers, thought leaders, and revolutionaries alike wandered the streets of Mount Vernon. Today, you’ll find iconic cultural attractions like the Walters Art Museum and the historic Penn Station. Visitors and locals alike find plenty to enjoy in the hip neighborhood, which carefully blends historic architecture and modern charm. The grand opening of the Hotel Revival had to strike a balance, acknowledging the history of the city while bringing people together in a modern setting and enticing them to enjoy all that the town has to offer.

Joie de Vivre partnered with the best of the best to make Hotel Revival’s grand opening possible. To achieve this, they incorporate bright colors, playfulness, and a respect for the neighborhood into each of their designs. The newly renovated Hotel Revival is no different! Every guestroom tells a story that connects with Mount Vernon’s history and culture. From the antique decor to the midcentury furnishings and contemporary accent pieces, you’ll find inspired choices throughout the Hotel Revival.

Joie de Vivre partnered with the best of the best to make the Hotel Revival’s grand opening possible. Schamu Machoski + Patterson (Architects) and Younts Design (Branding & Environmental Graphics), both Baltimore natives, and SLDesign (Interior Design), a Philadelphia-based company, allowed the brand to create a completely unique multifamily residence that captured the rich history of the building. Oat Foundry was honored when Joie de Vivre requested a Split Flap display for their hospitality design.

Oat Foundry was asked to build a 3 Row x 16 Column Split Flap to help support the aesthetic of the new Revival Hotel and display hotel information to guests, including the weather forecast and thought-provoking quotes. The Revival brought their Split Flap to life, naming it Vernon and having it serve as a 24/7 receptionist and source of entertainment for guests.

“Hotels face a lot of competition, and experiences like this to help them stand out… The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia’s new defining moment with a flap board perfectly captures the brand and the city: it’s fun, innovative, and stepped in history. Most of all, It’s guaranteed to engage anyone that steps into the lobby”

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    Location: Hotel Revival

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