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Gambas Crest, Singapore

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Human Managed is an analytics, cyber security, and information technology company that operates out of the Southeast Asia and Asia-Pacific region of the world. They work with companies to flesh out the why and the what to create processes that provide them with the how. Human Managed audits your current operating systems and provides data-backed suggestions so your company can perform confidently and intelligently.

Human Managed emphasizes its company culture through its mission statement “To push boundaries and find answers through collective intelligence” while maintaining its three pillars Fresh, Open, and Present. They want to provide intelligence for all, not just those with deep pockets and a wide network.

Human Managed reached out for a Split Flap Display for their office in Singapore. The office has a unique modern co-working and open-space design filled with couches, creative design elements, and even an astroturf carpet to mix up the floor layout. They needed something to add to the fun, casual, inviting atmosphere and a Split Flap would do just that.

They ordered a large 7 Row x 32 Column Split Flap to hang in their main office entrance. The Split Flap has two separate fonts, one on each half of the display. This is our first split flap with two font sets like this, as well as our first sign with lowercase lettering. The font on the left side of the sign is green and the right side is white to match their branding. The sign is also the first with italicized characters and the first Split Flap in Singapore! We love projects, like this Split Flap for Human Managed which challenge us to think differently and push the boundaries of what our products can do.

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    Client: Human Managed

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