Bryn + Dane’s

Bryn + Dane’s Health Food offers fast, affordable, and most importantly, healthy food for the savvy consumer. Expanding from their headquarters location in Horsham, PA, Bryn + Dane’s have partnered with the Ambler YMCA to provide excellent food options for its patrons. Their kiosk “cube” is an attractive, steam punk design with deliberate material choices that really make the storefront pop; rusted angle steel framing, translucent corrugated cardboard, and reclaimed wood that give the kiosk a comfortable, organic feel. However, when the previous fabricator dropped off midway through the project, Bryn + Dane’s approached Oat Foundry to pick up the project, and to finish the design and construction.

Oat Foundry was poised to quickly jump in and pick up the pieces of this half-finished kiosk design. Portions of the previous metalworking needed to be completely redone, as well as fabrication of entirely new panels, to comply with desired design changes. Additionally, Oat Foundry provided engineering design assistance for the intricate, folding door designs yet to be built, tested or implemented.

After completing much of the metal work at Oat Foundry HQ, it was necessary to do the delicate install work late at night, when patrons of the local YMCA were not present. This meant middle of the night, on-site installs to meet the aggressive construction deadlines. Oat Foundrymen came in at close and worked well into the next morning until the project was completed. With the intimate knowledge of the design and fabrication process of this cube, Oat Foundry and Bryn + Dane’s are looking to partner together in the future to open more cube locations identical to the YMCA kiosk.

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