DiNic’s Roast Pork

Lock Box for DiNic’s

Third-generation DiNic’s manager Joey Nicolosi also made it clear that he was looking for a more streamlined way for employees to log in and out of work in the hustle and bustle of an average day in Reading Terminal Market. Worried about the safety of his iPhone used for this task, which until then had been loosely floating around the kiosk, Joey commissioned Oat Foundry for a solution to give him peace-of-mind about his device, while making it accessible to the comings and goings of employees.

To provide Joey with a secure employee login station, Oat Foundry designed a stainless steel lockbox construction to snuggly fit his iPhone 4S, engraved with DiNic’s logo and mounted sleekly to the wall in a secure location. The lockbox allows access to the touch screen for easy access employee login. Of the multitudes of problems Joey needs to contend with daily, managing the chaotic Reading Terminal Market atmosphere, this is at least one solution he can rely on each and every day.

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