As a nationally recognized leader in urban farming, Greensgrow engages Philadelphia neighborhoods in cultivating social entrepreneurship, urban agriculture, and community greening, and is open to the public year-round. Green roof on a composting toilet, a washing machine that spin-dries lettuce, honey bee hives atop a tool shed, plants grown to measure lead uptake, Milkshake the pig, an abandoned house-turned-office-space, an unused church kitchen turned small food business incubator and a deck made from old pallets and water bottles. A laundry list of crazy ideas? Yes. And a day in the life of Greensgrow.

    Everyone loves locally-grown, organic food. Sometimes, the trouble is knowing how to prepare it! Such was the problem afoot that Greensgrow came to Oat Foundry looking to solve.

    Greensgrow Farms came to Oat Foundry in early winter of 2015 with the idea to make a mobile food preparation and demonstration cart for showing off the best prep methods for some of their more popular items. The cart needed to be lightweight, easily maneuverable, and able to display the prep surface to onlookers from afar.

    Oat Foundry took these design cues and ran with them. We “upcycled” the existing stainless steel counter top from the West Philly foodtruck, and picked up some wheelchair wheels to cut cost to the urban farm. The paneling artwork was designed and hand-made by local artist Alexander Kuhn.

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