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New York, New York

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Black Sheet Metal Casing
Stock Font with Black Flaps
Custom Software

New York or Nowhere became the resounding cry of the city during the year 2020. The city was empty, yet it seemed to be everywhere you looked – “New York or Nowhere” —- it was a slogan that echoed pride and banded New Yorkers together against so much confusion and uncertainty.

New Yorkers and NYON agree on this – no matter what happens, New York is the only place to be.

And that’s because art, intentionality, and beauty are woven into the fabric of the city and the hearts of its people. In fall 2022, the brand opened its flagship store and welcomed overwhelming success.

The split flap sits across from the machine near the elevator bank – showcasing clever messages that encourage guests to take advantage of the champagne offering.

Their space is situated among the artistic lofts of beautiful Nolita. Drawing inspiration from the highly coveted New York lofts, Grand Central Station, and Art Deco, NYON partnered with internationally-recognized interior designer Elizabeth Bolognino to create a physical space that looks, feels, and welcomes its patrons in the most New York way possible.

The store emulates a classic NYC vibe with tin ceilings, brick walls, Greek coffee cup mosaic borders, a checkout counter colored like the Statue of Liberty, and green leather Central Park-esque banquettes.

But their classic New York City aesthetic could not be complete without their Split Flap installation. NYON opted for a sizable 6 row x 24 column (array of our original black and white display and put it right in the front of their store. Everyone (including passerby on the sidewalk) who hears, sees, and reads this sign are taken to a timeless place where human kindness and hope bind and strengthen us together.

The rolling, clicking sounds of the split flaps and rotating mottos like “A Better Place is Hard to Find” are the perfect complements towards their mission to celebrate the sounds, motions, and people of a city that can’t, nor never will, stop.

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    Location: NYON

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