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Years after rolling out Picture Flap we determined we needed our own display for the shop. This idea also sparked an interest in revamping our front entryway because it hadn’t changed much since 2019 when we moved in. The main attraction in our entryway was one of our first analog builds – a 3 row by 15 column Split Flap. Since that build, we have come a long way with other products and want to show them off to guests and clients when they enter our office – plus who doesn’t love a Split Flap and Picture Flap combo?

We started the entryway redesign by painting our shelves black, red, and white. The Split Flap now pops beautifully on the red background. We also framed some new art to decorate other spots around the bookshelves – they no longer store our old engineering textbooks. We reduced the clutter from this area helping turn the page from our “shop” to more of an “office” feel. Next, we covered our dividing wall in a green clover-like blanket for another popping backdrop for Picture Flaps new home.

We considered a 6 ft x 6 ft sign for this wall but ended up going with 4 ft for the height instead so we could keep our two chairs beneath it without hitting our heads on the sign. Once we knew our Picture Flap will be a landscape format, we were able to select images that complement this format – rather than portrait format.

We not only wanted to show off the capabilities of Picture Flap but also display meaningful images of Oat Foundry’s history. We created a queue of imagery from way back when our company was founded to the present day – some displaying dates to indicate milestones for new products, awards, and new installation locations. We implemented awesome collages on some of the screens such as companies we have worked with, different custom modules we love, and beautiful past projects. One of our favorite screens is our XL logo which also features a QR code in the corner that scans despite the split in the flaps – pretty cool!

In the end, we’ve got the beautiful, eye-catching display we were hoping for.
The grass wall pairs well with the Picture Flap, as does the recessed nature of this divider.
It’s a great compliment to the rest of our lobby area decor.
It’s way cooler than a static poster or decal.
It grabs attention. It is a statement piece.
It summarizes the history of Oat Foundry.
It’s mesmerizing.

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    Location: Oat Foundry HQ

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