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    Philadelphia magazine came to Oat Foundry looking for some custom design and fabrication to add to their already impactful event with equally impactful signage and interactive displays.

    Philadelphia magazine is edited for the area’s community leaders and their families. It provides topical, in-depth reports on crucial and controversial issues confronting the region-business trends, political analysis, metropolitan planning, sociological trends, plus critical reviews of the cultural, sports and entertainment scene.

    Thinkfest is an event organized by Philadelphia Magazine that shines the light on Philadelphia’s brightest thinkers sharing their boldest ideas and most inspiring stories. Speakers and audiences from a variety of industries and backgrounds come together to discuss the latest most innovative lines of thought to push Philadelphia forward.

    There were three elements of the Philadelphia Magazine’s Thinkfest event that needed to be considered. The first was a reception wall to greet event goers just after the entrance to the Philly convention center, followed by a large stage sign, and finally a photo wall showcasing each of the different speakers and fields they were coming from.

    Oat Foundry approached the reception wall with a unique idea based in a simple material – yarn. The reception 12’ x 9’ wall was built with wood framing and legs then covered on each side with a custom vinyl print matching the Thinkfest triangular theme. On the front face, strategically placing hundreds of nails to create an outline, then weaving yarn between the nails created the Thinkfest lettering. On the back side, the Philly skyline was again lined with nails along with boxes for answers to the question “If I could solve one problem in Philadelphia, I’d choose to…”. Event goers were encouraged to use yarn to string answers from their favorite part of Philly’s skyline to what they believed to be the largest problem facing Philly at the moment.

    The stage signage for the event was on a larger scale. Philly Mag was looking for a sign that would take up a large amount of the event stage, the team settled on twenty feet long by three feet high. Oat Foundry designed a wood frame with materials that would match the warm to cool coloring of the Thinkfest logo. “Think” was made using a copper backing and a walnut veneer mask revealing a warm shiny “Think”, while “Fest” was painted an eye catching aqua to set off the lettering of the 20’ sign.

    Finally, the photo wall was build with wooden framing and a vinyl print custom designed by Oat Foundry to showcase each of the different speakers and their topics for the event.

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