Saxbys / Re-brand Medallions

    Saxbys recently embarked on a Brand Evolution which saw some updates to their logo.  To usher in the new uplifting theme of their logo, they called on the guys at Oat Foundry to fashion some new brand medallions for some of their different locations.  From full white, to a natural wood look, to bright red – in all different sizes, Oat Foundry re-created some new brand medallions to fit the Brand Evolution of Saxbys.  Each of the signs were cut from varying materials on our CNC router so that each of the letters and edges lined up perfectly.  With a painstaking attention to detail, we finished the signs off with a few coats of paint (or in some cases stain) and hand delivered them to Saxbys.  Out with the old, in with the new!

    The new look, or Brand Evolution as they call it, reflects their culture. They aspire for more for their teams, their guests and their communities. They want to give everyone a lift, which is why they chose a hot air balloon as their new logo. It captures the essence of their mission, their core values and what they strive to do each day. Whether you’re a student interested in expanding your knowledge, an entrepreneur interested in honing your skills or someone in desperate need for coffee, they’ll give you a lift.

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