Rise Bloomfield

Bloomfield, New Jersey

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Black Sheet Metal Casing
Black Flaps with Stock Font
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New Jersey has a short history rooted in cannabis dating back to January 2010. Since then, residents could apply for medical marijuana permits but at the time the accessibility to acquire cannabis products was scarce due to a lack of retailers. In just 11 years the Garden State decided to legalize recreational cannabis use and the state is now home to over a dozen dispensaries – RISE Bloomfield serving both medical and rec. RISE is a chain of dispensaries with locations in 13 states – primarily in the Northeast U.S. in states such as New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and more. RISE prides itself on making cannabis comfortably accessible for everyone, regardless of lifestyle or level of wellness.

RISE Bloomfield is situated in a quaint town just north of Newark and just west of NYC. The dispensary welcomes all guests as everyone is not only vetted for age but also greeted in a comfortable manner to ease first-time visitors. Upon entering the store an employee asks whether you are there to buy medical or recreational cannabis – New Jersey separates the two so medical patients always have access to their cannabis. No matter which side you shop on, the experience is quite similar. The dispensary has a green, white, and black color palette with a minimalist design aesthetic. The walls are lined with white and green subway tile and floral green walls are sprinkled throughout the store – tying back to their roots in cannabis. On the medical side, the space has a lounge-style area in the back so users can hang out and talk to budtenders while surfing their online inventory to find a product.

The dispensary wanted an interactive focal point for their guests – one that not only looks cool but also functions with a purpose. RISE reached out for a large 9 Row by 48 Column Split Flap Display for the main foyer of their dispensary to greet guests and disseminate information about cannabis, RISE, current events, and more. The sign brings a unique feature to the subway tiled space – almost like you’re in a train station in 1950.

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    Location: RISE Bloomfield
    Designer: Sasha Adler Design

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