Dreamforce 2023

San Francisco, California

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Black Sheet Metal Casing
Stock Font with Custom Color Flaps
Custom Interactive Software

Salesforce, a leader in CRM and other workplace software technologies, hosts their Dreamforce event each year in San Francisco. The event draws tens of thousands of attendees, for thousands of dollars per ticket, from all corners of the globe. Dreamforce brings together industry leaders, developers, partners, and experts to discuss and explore the latest innovations, trends, and technologies in the CRM and cloud computing space. Some keynote speakers at the 2023 event included Sam Altman, Dr. Jane Goodall, Matthew McConaughey, Rainn Wilson, and Spike Lee. The Foo Fighters headlined the annual guest-exclusive concert. Dreamforce is more than a tradeshow or business conference. It’s an immersive production that Salesforce puts on to show gratitude to its users and boost innovation within its space.

Dreamforce is one of the largest events that the Oat Foundry team has been involved in by number of guests and exhibition value. The conference spans from Union Square to Yerba Buena, with the main event/conference taking place in the Moscone Center. San Francisco experiences a massive influx of tourism during Dreamforce each year. The event brings a major economic boost to local businesses, restaurants, and bars. Hotels in the area book up months in advance. San Francisco is a gorgeous city to host such an event with all the attractions nearby. The city is full of must-see experiences such as a ride on the cable cars, crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, and taking a ferry over to Alcatraz. Next time you’re in the area, for Dreamforce or otherwise, be sure to check out the original Solari board in the Ferry Terminal. From famous speakers and bands to thousands of dollars in giveaways and design props. Dreamforce tops our list for one of the finest event experiences to date.

Salesforce didn’t spare a dime when designing the Dreamforce campus. Set up takes around four to five days for the three-day event. The conference is located around the Moscone Center where Howard Street is transformed into the Dreamforest — a pop-up National Park. The street gets blanketed in astroturf, and curbs are covered with fake rocks and foliage. The street is completely clad in props – as if you’re hiking through Yellowstone while still in the middle of downtown San Francisco. Throughout Dreamforest are areas where sponsors have their “cabins” set up to meet guests, small stages for speakers, and interactive experiences like philanthropic bike building and interacting with our Split Flap Display.

Salesforce needed a way to capture ideas and create an interactive experience for their guests with AI in mind. A Split Flap with custom software checked all the boxes. The custom software acts as a MadLib-style message where the user fills in the blanks of a sentence and then it sends their custom message to the Split Flap. Below are some examples of the sentences the guests made:

“Let’s create a youth sports service using AI that helps children so they can receive sports equipment donations. We can call it 5th down.”

“Let’s create an app using AI that helps diabetics so they can find restaurants that cater to diabetic-friendly menus. We can call it healthy u.”

“Let’s create a service using AI that helps unhoused neighbors so they can find safe housing. We can call it Safe + Sound.”

This template helped demonstrate the vast capabilities of AI. By incorporating AI into a singular concept, it captured the attention of all attendees and helped generate a number of messages to the sign. Displaying the messages on an analog platform enhanced the overall experience and made it more enjoyable for all Trailblazers.

The Split Flap received hundreds of responses and acted as an interactive, instagrammable feature. It also drew a large crowd that had never seen Split Flap’s analog technology in person. Dreamforce is the event that Salesforce releases new technology to the public so the use of a retro analog display may seem contrary to the progressive nature of tech. The Split Flap has features that digital and LCD screens can not replicate – like the physical moving parts that work in harmony with high-tech programming inside the display. The Split Flap stopped Trailblazers in their tracks with its subtle rainstick sound in a sea of screens around the conference – another differentiating factor from the starkness of screens around the tech hub of the US.

The Split Flap’s unique function left an impression on users by grabbing their attention and displaying their ideas in real-time. Dreamforce is an annual event and we’re excited to see the Split Flap’s role in the production next year.

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    Client: Salesforce
    Location: Dreamforce 2023

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