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The Shinola Picture Flap: Detroit-based Shinola is a design brand that crafts products that are built to last. From timepieces to bicycles, Shinola tells stories that demonstrate quality and connect customers with their products’ American-made origins.

This holiday season, Shinola set out to tell their brand story in a new way at their King of Prussia mall location. With the intention to captivate customers, they partnered us to debut the Picture Flap Display.

Shinola’s Picture Flap showcases an analog version of their Holiday Collection with products that will encourage customers to spread the joy of quality this holiday season. The Display gives Shinola the capability of highlighting those top giftable items, including Monopoly®: Shinola Detroit Edition, leather goods in Navigator, and the Shinola Monster Automatic Collection in a more compelling way.

Shinola’s brand is defined by the meaning behind each and every product they create. Operating a watch factory in Detroit, Shinola is also known for its support of American business and manufacturing, partnering with companies that share in an unwavering commitment to quality. Their focus on American-made goes beyond their products and into their suppliers.

We’re excited to work with Shinola because we respect what they stand for and have achieved. Their commitment to Detroit and American manufacturing as a whole has inspired us for years. It’s an honor to work with them and to be part of their commitment to backing American makers like Oat Foundry.

“With Picture Flap, we’re able to create a display that’s impactful and memorable—and completely unique to Shinola. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Oat Foundry on the launch of this innovative display.” Mario Hernandez, Director of Visual Merchandising, Shinola Detroit

Location: King of Prussia
Designer: Mario Hernandez

Watch Picture Flap in Action

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