Starbucks Reserve

Mexico City, Mexico

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Howard Schultz, the former CEO of Starbucks, traveled to Italy in 1983 and became fascinated with the espresso bars that dotted the country. Since then, it’s been his mission to bring the traditions of Italian coffee houses back to the United States. Think freshly roasted coffee made from the finest imported beans, enjoyed in a captivating setting surrounded by other coffee enthusiasts. While Schultz’s mission is evident through Starbucks’ branding and offerings, it wasn’t truly celebrated until the first Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room opened in Seattle. Today, there are a number of Reserve locations that offer an immersive way to experience hand-crafted coffee made from the most celebrated, sought-after beans.

As a brand, Starbucks has always celebrated the many ways human beings interact. They have become known for creating spaces where people gather to enjoy delicious coffee, dive into work, meet up with friends, or have a casual conversation with new acquaintances. In this way, Starbucks has created the ultimate environment for people to connect on a multitude of levels, whether it’s a barista relating to a guest or introducing consumers to a better, more organic source of caffeine.

To continue connecting people with high-quality coffee, Starbucks brought the immersive Reserve experience to Mexico City. In order to transport guests from the time they ordered their coffee to the moment they took their first sip, designers took inspiration from coffee growing regions around the world. From the Sumatra and East Timor patterns on the ceiling to the Rwandan wall motifs and Colombian-inspired furnishings, Starbucks worked closely with local artisans to fill the space with the character and life present in cultures around the world.

The design of every Starbucks café is rooted in the idea of creating a spectacular experience that celebrates the local’s narrative and culture. The Mexico City Starbucks Reserve was nestled into the Artz Pedregal, a shopping mall where consumers are surrounded by upscale boutiques and world-renowned brands. Offering unique roasts in an eclectic setting only made sense! To contribute to the engaging atmosphere native to every Starbucks, Oat Foundry built a 3R x 24C Split Flap Display for the Mexico City Reserve. The Split Flap serves as an exciting way to engage with guests as well as a conversation piece that captures the attention of shoppers as they pass by.

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    Location: Starbucks Reserve

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