Station House Cafe

Point Reyes Station, California

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In a tale that’s equal parts heartwarming and determined, the Station House Café, an institution that first opened its doors back in 1964, has returned to its original location on the corner of 3rd Street and Main in downtown Point Reyes Station after leaving in 1989. Upon temporarily shutting its doors in 2020, Station House Cafe was hit with 300% rent increases which drove the restaurant back to its flagship location just a couple of doors down the street. The cafe has been a longtime landmark stop along the historic Pacific Coast Highway since the 1960s – just north of San Francisco.

The newly renovated and expanded space, housed in a lovingly restored 102-year-old historic building, offers patrons a taste of the past with a dash of modern flair. It’s a place where you can count on celebrating joyous occasions, enjoying a day off from cooking, or simply meeting friends for a cup of coffee. It’s the perfect family-friendly spot for a post-beach dinner or a treat after a rejuvenating hike.

With redesigned décor that seamlessly blends modern and traditional influences, the Station House Café is more inviting than ever. Friendly service, delicious food, delectable cocktails, and live music are all on the menu, making it a hotspot for locals and visitors alike.

Located on Hwy. 1 in downtown Point Reyes Station, this café isn’t just about bringing back the good old days. It’s about creating new memories while cherishing the old. The newly renovated space features images of the original staff and restaurant taken by celebrated Point Reyes Station photographer Art Rogers. It’s a stroll down memory lane for those who remember the café at this location in the past. But it’s not all about nostalgia. The café is ready to serve up its famous golden-brown popovers alongside new and innovative menu specials. The Station House Café has always been a pioneer in the locavore food movement, sourcing organic, fresh, and local ingredients to craft mouthwatering dishes.

As guests step into the café, they are greeted not only by the aroma of delicious food but also by the captivating sight of a vintage-inspired Split Flap display adorning one of the walls. This mechanical marvel, reminiscent of classic train station boards, serves as both an eye-catching decorative piece and a functional means of conveying essential updates, daily specials, and upcoming events to the café’s loyal patrons. The rhythmic clattering of the Split Flap as it rotates to reveal new messages adds a touch of old-world charm, evoking a sense of memories while seamlessly integrating into the café’s contemporary ambiance.

As it continues to etch its legacy deeper into the vibrant tapestry of Point Reyes Station, the Station House Café stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of community, nostalgia, and culinary excellence. Whether it’s a taste of local flavors, a glimpse into the past through its vintage display, or an evening of live music and camaraderie, the Station House Café beckons patrons old and new to come together, savor the present, and create lasting memories in the heart of Point Reyes Station.

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    Location: Station House Cafe

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    Station House Cafe

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