Sweet Note Bakery

    The Greater Knead is a local gluten-free bagel company that has been seeing their operations expand at a rapidly increasing rate. To match this growth, they came to Oat Foundry needing a bagel packaging machine that would cut a large, time-consuming step from their established process.

    The founders of The Greater Knead are committed to helping those with Celiac disease, gluten intolerance, and food allergies to connect with their favorite foods again. They currently offer the first authentic, New York-style bagel that is gluten-free as well as free of the top 8 common food allergens.

    Rather than buying an expensive automated solution or retrofitting an existing bagel packaging machine to the specialty bagels, Oat Foundry and Sweet Note Bakery decided on an intermediary solution. The idea was a complete lean-manufacturing retooling of the packaging process along with a bagel-packaging fixture that would flat double their capacity. Oat Foundry set out on this engineering problem-solving mission, and after tasting a few of these delicious bagels for inspiration, we set to work!

    This solution is a cost-effective way of maximizing the available bagels, the human operator, and the location.

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