The Citizen by Klutch

Lorain, Ohio

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Black Sheet Metal Casing
Custom Icons with Colored Flaps
Mellowtron Software

Klutch, a cannabis brand launched in 2020, is now opening The Citizen dispensaries in their home state of Ohio, starting with Lorain.

The Citizen’s branding scheme is cool and classic with gold and black. The dispensary is lined in mahogany wood to give it a cigar lounge feel. Granite countertops and bourbon brown leather seating complement the rich tones. Exposed brick lines the cash register area and select walls in the space, creating a dynamic interior. The goal of bringing a suave style from the 1950s into a 21st-century dispensary is to create a warm and social environment for all customers. With this mid-century design, Klutch saw fit to include a 3 row, 24 column Split Flap display.

Klutch needed a way to display specials, menu items, and more without ruining the atmosphere with LED screens. Queue Split Flap! The retro aesthetics throughout the space created a beautiful new hope for the Split Flap. Once we learned of the design intent in Klutch, we showed them our Mellowtron concept. After a year of attending events, Mellowtron can now call The Citizen its first permanent home.

“Klutch Cannabis was founded in April 2020 and quickly established themselves as one of Ohio’s premier medical marijuana cultivators and processors. In early 2023, their first dispensary opened, The Citizen by Klutch. The name, The Citizen, pays homage to all who struggle through stigmatization for cannabis use. Together, our work is the removal of distinctions placed upon cannabis users in the community… leaving only community.”

“The Citizen creates a memorable dispensary experience with unmatched customer service, forward-thinking technology, and high-quality products. What do we look for in our partners? It’s simple, ‘smart but cool.’ With Oat Foundry, Klutch Cannabis is out to change the dispensary experience and has been featured in Global Cannabis Times for this reason. Oat Foundry’s innovative technology with a vintage feel matches the distinct vibe of The Citizen dispensaries. As one of the first in the country to adopt The Split Flap and Mellowtron, Klutch is revolutionizing cannabis shopping. If you ask us, we’d say that’s smart… and pretty cool.” – Caitlin Bourque, Marketing and Brand Manager Klutch Cannabis and The Citizen by Klutch

Our team loves to build cool stuff that’s also smart. Stop by The Citizen if you’re looking for a premier shopping experience and get a product recommendation from Mellowtron. Stay tuned for their Canton location coming soon, with some familiar features from Oat Foundry.

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