The Clark

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Black Sheet Metal Casing
Stock Font with Custom Polka Dot Flaps
Stock Software

Nestled in the heart of University City, The Clark emerges as the new neighbor to West Catholic Prep High School, a Philadelphia landmark steeped in rich history. The apartment complex transforms what was once the school’s parking lot into an oasis of urban living with a modern design. The Clark is built on land leased until the year 2149 – weaving together the neighborhood development vision of EQT Exeter and West Catholic Prep.

Upon entry into The Clark, residents are greeted by a fusion of modernity and nostalgia. Designed by SITIO architecture + urbanism, the building pays homage to its surroundings, mirroring the architectural motifs of West Catholic Prep. Inside, the warm tiled walls and open ceiling evoke the ambiance of an industrial space, offering a unique blend of comfort and character.

From the cozy lobby to the peaceful rooftop deck, The Clark caters to every need and desire. Residents can lounge amidst the lush greenery of the terrace, gather around the firepit with friends, or unwind in the game room equipped with arcade classics. A custom-built Split Flap display from the local team at Oat Foundry adds a touch of whimsy, inviting endless creativity.

The Clark aimed to bring some energy to their elevator lobby without using a standard screen, choosing a Split Flap display instead. The 4-row by 16-column Split Flap fits perfectly with the contemporary design, adding a unique touch with its distinctive click-clack sounds. The display features polka dots in various colors, reflecting the Ben-Day dot murals throughout the building. The Split Flap serves multiple functions, acting as a clock and providing weather updates while also displaying brand messaging and fun quotes for tenants. The sign not only provides practical information but also creates a lively, interactive space. The Split Flap display enhances the lobby’s aesthetic appeal and contributes to a welcoming and engaging environment for all residents.

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    Location: The Clark

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