The First Strudel House

Budapest, Hungary

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Black Sheet Metal Casing
Stock Font with Special Characters & Custom Colored Flaps
POS System Software Integration

Natively known as Elsö Pesti Rétesház, The First Strudel House is home to some of the best traditional cuisine Budapest has to offer. Their menu ranges from savory strudel plates to a roster of roasted meats and everything in between – a one-stop-shop for a ride through conventional Hungarian fare. Strudel House is located in the heart of Budapest, right between Liberty and Elizabeth Square – a short walk from St. Stephen’s Basilica or The Danube River Bank. Needless to say, there are five of the city’s “must see” sites within blocks of each other.

Gábor Leidal opened the doors to Strudel House in 2007 with a goal to give tourists the Hungarian experience they traveled for. Gábor is a restaurateur around District V., owning not just one, but three restaurants in the area – each delivering their own unique (and traditional) experience. He has a niche for preserving Hungarian culture through gastronomic experiences – something Budapestians and tourists can both appreciate.

The interior design of Strudel House is reminiscent of when the building was constructed in 1812 – a pleasant welcome from the bustling streets of Budapest. Gábor designed and decorated Strudel House to illuminate the times he never wants his customers to forget. The dark wood floors flow into the bar that separates guest seating from where the strudel magic happens – the open baking area. Strudel House is anything but modern, in the best way possible. The walls are littered with Victorian paintings, porcelain china, woven baskets, and rows of books that span wall to wall. Although these traditional antiques set a very specific atmosphere in Strudel House, there’s one retro element of the decor that grabs guests’ attention like never before – a Split Flap Display.

Strudel House needed a way to surprise and delight guests without impacting the elegant and customary space – a perfect recipe for a Split Flap Display. Their Split Flap Display is a black powdered coated sheet metal sign with custom colored flaps and our ADA compliant font in Magyar ábécé (Hungarian alphabet). The Split Flap hangs above their bookshelf, overlooking the dining room and open baking area giving guests a truly interactive dining experience. Although a Split Flap would not have been found in an early 19th-century Hungarian strudel house, the design element illuminates the retro aesthetic without the starkness of lights from a television. The board is used to welcome guests, list menu items, and even display a real-time strudel counter that is tied into their POS system. The POS integration shows how many thousands of strudels the Strudel House has made and sold – easily giving them the reputation for the best strudel in Budapest.

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    Owner & Photographer: Gábor Leidal

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