The Irish Exit

New York, New York

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Two 4 ROW x 40 COLUMN Displays
Black Sheet Metal Casing
Custom Font with Black Flaps
Custom MTA and LIRR Transit Software

The Irish Exit is the latest venture from the team behind The Dead Rabbit – expanding their footprint deeper into the Big Apple. Located within Moynihan Train Hall, The Irish Exit breaks away from the stereotypical Irish pub experience, offering a vibrant and authentic portrait of pubs across the pond.

The branding and design pay homage to the romance of train travel, brilliantly driven by the innovative minds at Crown Creative. Vintage-inspired decor, retro posters, and warm colors evoke the spirit of exploration – giving you a taste of a bygone era. The pub presents a personality direct from Dublin – challenging the typical take on Americanized Irish Pubs.

Hanging behind the bar are Oat Foundry Split Flap Displays, a captivating nod to the pub’s train station location. The classic signage, reminiscent of vintage train station timetables, is more than just a decorative element. They add a touch of sound to the ambiance of a beautiful trail station and provide real-time updates on train departures and arrivals, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetic appeal. The Irish Exit’s custom display includes specialty software, designed and built by our team, which displays real-time MTA and LIRR arrivals and departures. Admiring the rhythmic dance of the flaps as they change destinations adds a touch of theater to your visit. Their gentle click-clack evokes the comforting rhythm of train travel from yesteryear. The Split Flap Displays are a conversation starter, a unique focal point, and a delightful reminder of the pub’s connection to its travel-centric surroundings in Penn Station.

The Irish Exit welcomes all, whether you’re a local seeking a quick pint before your train, a traveler ready to unwind with friends, or attending an event at Madison Square Garden. It offers a haven from the city’s hustle and bustle, a place to indulge and connect. The Dead Rabbit team has found their pot o’ gold with The Irish Exit and plans to expand upon the idea in other transit stations across the country. Could this be the next stage of Irish heritage expansion? We sure hope so.

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    Location: The Irish Exit

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