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The Tintagel House, once home to the Ace Crime Squad of London’s Metropolitan Police, had become a local curiosity, mostly due to the secrecy that revolved around the building. 50 years later, The Office Group (TOG) sought to transform the space into a unique shared office complex.

The Office Group wanted to create a sustainable workplace that mimicked the beauty of London. Instead of viewing the upgrades as a renovation, the project was considered an opportunity to be creative. Designers embraced the fact that this was the first police building in the country to have a computer. Those same designers admired the free-spirited movement lead by London’s youth in the ’60s. TOG designers pulled their inspiration from the city’s rich past.

The Office Group modernized the interior of the existing Tintagel House to meet the needs of the ever-evolving workforce with a particular focus on human interaction. From scenic views to an all-inclusive gym, collaborative meeting spaces, and common areas, the newly imagined Tintagel House allows its inhabitants to escape from their workplace and find something new to inspire them.

In an effort to align retro design elements with modern technology, The Office Group reached out to Oat Foundry to create a 3R x 40C Split Flap Display (typically called a Mechanical Flip Board) for the Tintagel House. The Split Flap is installed directly behind the main reception desk, where it displays helpful information to guests and co-op members throughout the day. It has also become the backdrop of many a selfie, helping to support the marketing efforts of the Tintagel House itself and inspire local businesses to invest in Tintagel House office space.

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    Location: Tintagel House

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