The Union Station Hotel

Nashville, Tennessee

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The Union Station Hotel located in Nashville is a time-traveler’s paradise through its rich history and Richardsonian Romanesque design style throughout. Since 1900 the train station served as the travel terminal for passengers looking to ride one of the eight railroads in and out of Nashville – now just a little more than a century later, the structure is still serving travelers (in a different way.) The hotel sits at the top of the hill overlooking the heart of Music City – Broadway. Just minutes from downtown Nashville and the famous Honkey Tonk Saloons like Tootsies, Nudies, and The Redneck Riviera. Grabbing a bite to eat, live music, and a cold one is all too easy while staying at The Union Station Hotel.

Upon arrival, guests are greeted by a colossal clock tower followed by a warm welcome from the valet service. The lobby is encased in a 65-foot, barrel-vaulted ceiling clad in gold leafing and peppered with stained glass windows. If those elements don’t catch your eye, the chandeliers are impossible to miss as they glisten in the radiant light through the glass ceiling. The lobby is also home to Ergo – not your average hotel bar, but rather a tasteful and upscale cocktail lounge with artisan-crafted drinks. In a rare occurrence where your room is not ready yet, grab a drink and enjoy a taste of their broad (yet exclusive) selection of Tennessee whiskeys and bourbons.

Whether you stop in Ergo as you wait for your room or prior to your dinner plans, it’s one of the best spots to get a complete sensory experience through sight, sound, and taste. Ergo is home to a retro-inspired Split Flap Display that keeps that subtle departure board click-clack alive – although passenger trains have since discontinued arrivals and departures at Union Station. A unique feature in Ergo is the older sibling of our modernized Split Flap Display – a pre-1950s hand-scribed departure board on the opposite side of the oval bar. The Oat Foundry Split Flap is encased in a custom sheet metal frame and rotates through welcome messages for guests, drink specials, and current happenings around Nashville. From arrival to departure, staying at The Union Station Hotel is the perfect way to explore the Music City.

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