Starr Restaurants / Roman and Williams

    Starr Restaurants had yet another challenge for the team at Oat Foundry – create an exact look and feel replica of a vintage sconce. Everything from the weight, to the finish, and all of the decorative details in between needed to be spot on, and with little time to spare.

    The Oat Foundrymen received the vintage sconce in question and went to work breaking the sconce down into components, creating custom molds, and sourcing assembly and electrical components to take the place of the vintage wiring. The team was able to cast several complex pieces without losing a grain of detail, all the while maintaining the heft and feel of the original vintage sconce. Once the components were broken down and cast, they were quickly finished to match the same vintage look, speeding up the aging process to achieve a like for like replica of the original vintage sconce – can you tell which is which?

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