Zsa’s Ice Cream Sandwich Packaging Machine

Ice Cream Packaging Machine

Zsa’s approached Oat Foundry after being referred by Sweet Note Bakery – Oat Foundry provided a lean new process for their bagel packaging, and Zsa’s was searching for a similar, low cost, lean packaging solution. Along with a faster and more personnel-efficient way to handle their packaging, Zsa’s was also looking to update their brand’s packaging materials and look.

Zsa’s is a small-batch producer of classic and original artisanal ice cream and ice cream treats, working out of a production kitchen located on the Philadelphia/Montgomery County border. Their products do not use artificial flavors or colors, and they strive to incorporate local ingredients whenever possible, starting with grass-pastured dairy from Trickling Springs Creamery in Chambersburg, PA. Zsa’s prides itself on making many of their products completely from scratch, including the cookies for their sandwiches. For most of the year, they can be found at various farmers’ markets and public and private events, delivering goodness via their 1963 International Harvester ice cream truck.

How we did it

Oat Foundry was tasked with two challenges: develop a lean process for ice cream sandwich packaging, and design a new cardboard sleeve to serve as the brand packaging for wholesale.

Phase 1 of the project focused on making current packaging processes more efficient, with the goal of being able to pack 400% more ice cream sandwiches per hour. Oat Foundry started with a time bucket analysis of the Zsa’s process, discretizing their steps down to the second in order to pinpoint areas of potential improvement. The team then began designing a low budget packaging solution to meet these goals. Sourcing conventional air-assist bag openers, impulse sealers, and cutters, Oat Foundry fabricators blended these three products into one seamless ice cream packaging station. The team also worked with manufacturers to provide branded wicketed bags, which the new packaging system was designed to use. The result was a decrease of time per sandwich from 24 seconds down to 6 seconds.

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