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Next Level Design

It’s time to level up your in-store shopping experience. If people wanted a screen, they’d stay home and shop online. Picture Flap brings an audiovisual design element that separates itself from screens and static images – stopping foot traffic in its tracks. The continuous rotation of your brand’s custom imagery presents guests with a one-of-a-kind experience and an everlasting memory right in your boutique, shop, or window display.


Better Branding

Picture Flap offers complete customization, allowing you to tailor everything, from the artwork and dimensions to its features. Whether you prefer it as a freestanding display or mounted on a wall, Picture Flap can infuse vibrancy into any space. Picture Flap serves as an excellent canvas for visually captivating and kinetic imagery. You can either arrange tiles of smaller photos or make a bold, impactful statement with a single image. When it comes to your art selection, you can incorporate logos, graphics, and promotional messaging or curate your beautiful product photos for your Picture Flap display.

Read more about our art selection process >> 


Kinetic Promotion

Cool products need a cool promotion medium – that’s why we created Picture Flap. This analog display is a compelling way to promote your products through retro technology and modern functionality. Our signs are easy to operate through any device with access to a web browser – smartphone, tablet, laptop, you name it. Set a schedule ahead of time for hands-off operation or select art on the fly to grab someone’s attention.

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Seasonal Options

We know retail is always changing with the seasons, so we’re here to help keep your store design looking fresh. Flaps are easily changed out within minutes! Inquire about packaging seasonal art refreshes with your Picture Flap purchase.


Find Your Inspiration

Click the button below to check out our Picture Flap inspiration deck. 

Inside, you’ll find: 

  • Product specs
  • Artboard sizing
  • Layout suggestions
  • Past client examples
  • And other design details
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