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How Much is a Split Flap Display?

You’re in the right place. There are many factors that increase and reduce the cost of our Split Flap Displays – the main factor being the size of the display in Rows and Columns. We offer a range of sizes from tiny 1 Row by 8 Column displays to… well that’s your choice!

Our Split Flap Displays are handmade, allowing us to offer customizations that mass production lines cannot. With this in mind, a basic guideline to follow is: the larger the display and number of customizations, the higher the cost. Throughout our website, you will find sizes like 3Rx32C or 10Rx32C – meaning Rows x Columns or Vertical x Horizontal. We’re happy to help you find the perfect size for your project.

Stock vs. Custom

Our stock displays include 50 black flaps per module containing letters, numbers, and plain white and can be programmed to display any combination of each. We designed our stock font in-house – it’s one of a kind. All 100% stock Split Flap Displays are ADA compliant – cutting edge, white on black. Other stock features include black sheet metal casing and our standard WebApp software. Read more about the WebApp here.


White Edition

White has become our second most popular color request so we made it a stock option. Our white Split Flaps have all the same features as our black signs – 50 flaps per module containing the same ADA-compliant letters, numbers, punctuation, and powder-coated sheet metal casing. The only difference is the white and black colors are reversed!



The largest factor in price is flap options and customizations. All displays are made to order – this means you have the power to choose as many, or as few, customizations you desire.


We developed a software to rasterize logos and other images to display across the flaps. We leave an extra blank flap in our stock font set so this can be accomplished without having to print an entirely new set. You can also utilize vinyl overlays to add a splash of color to our stock font.


If you’d prefer to use your brand’s font, we can build you a fully custom artboard. Some fonts fit better than others. We suggest tall and narrow text to best fit the rectangular flaps.


Some clients want to replace one or more characters in the stock font set with a color, like the all-white flap #49 in our stock font. Colors can be Pantone matched to fit your branding or surrounding design elements.


A Split Flap Display doesn’t have to be a black sign with white lettering! We can create flaps with a different base color, often incorporated to match the sheet metal surround. This process involves flooding the flaps with paint repeatedly to get a high-quality and durable finish.


The Finer Details

We offer custom casing options for our displays and have built signs with Kit Kat Red, American Airlines Blue, and even Erosion Wine Brass to match each client’s unique design.


Our Split Flap Displays are housed in a durable, powder-coated sheet metal casing. A custom powder coat can be chosen for the outer cabinet and module casing.


Each module houses a carousel that contains the 50 flaps. Like the classic departures boards, this carousel surfaces on either side of the flaps. To get a truly congruent color, custom, injection-molded carousels can be created to match the flaps and/or sheet metal.

Final Notes

The average size Oat Foundry Split Flap has over 10,000 unique parts (some larger sizes having over 100,000). Every circuit board and screw is placed by hand in our state-of-the-art Philadelphia manufacturing facility.

Each sign is made to order over 14 weeks, inspected to the 100th of a centimeter, and tested for 50,000 flap rotations before laying in its hand-built crate and shipping directly to you.

Manufacturing Oat Foundry Split Flaps in low volumes is expensive. We know that. The cost gives us the opportunity to control the quality of every sign that leaves the shop floor and allows us to consistently deliver on our two goals of making you and your customers happy.

Our commitment to craftsmanship is not just for our customers, it’s for ourselves – we’re proud of the products we build and the level of quality that comes with each and every one.