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Oat Foundry Split Flap Displays are modernized versions of the classic displays found in transit hubs of the 20th century. With modern connectivity, the nostalgic clack clack can now be brought to any occasion to create a truly memorable moment.

The Oat Foundry Split Flap

Success Stories


Capital One Conference


Neoperl Booth


Arch Digest Shoot


Delta 1700 Bar


Palm Beach Experience


Our Technology

Split Flap Software 4

Control Split Flap from your smartphone

(no conference wifi needed)

Custom apps and integrations

(ready to use on day 1)

Benefits of Working With Us


Global shipping

We’ll arrange for shipping to and from the event – anywhere in the world!


No need for expensive expo wifi. Split Flap generates its own wifi signal using a nanorouter.


We want to make sure your event goes great and so we’re always available for support.

What Makes Us Different

Our Split Flap Display is updated for the 21st century and fully customizable. Our web app was built from the ground up with the Split Flap in mind so each of the thousands of parts work in harmony instantly once you press “Send” on your message.  Our Split Flap Display can also be integrated with a variety of APIs including common social media platforms, point of sale systems, transit systems, weather, messaging services, and more.  The WiFi capabilities directly incorporated into our display offer a host of new applications for this nostalgic tech.

split flap display api
split flap displays

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