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Frequently Asked Questions

And Other Troubleshooting Tips & Tricks

A word is misspelled or a blank character is showing where a letter or character should be. What gives?
  • Check the screen that’s being used in the message – does the screen use only the available characters? If a screen (or JSON page for MQTT) is not formatted to use the characters intended it will show a blank for that character. If your message is spelled correctly in the Web App but is not displaying correctly on the sign, that may be a mechanical issue. Ensure the sign was not intentionally damaged & call us at (215) 447-8915 or email for support.


I want to send something to the sign instantly, what’s the quickest way to do it?
  • The quickest way to show something on the sign is to go to the “Create New” page, type in what you want to see, then select “Instant Message”. You can also instantly interject other saved messages from the “Repository” page even while your schedule is running.


When I select “Instant Message” nothing happens. What gives?
  • The connection to the sign may have been interrupted. Reboot the sign via the settings page. If after a reboot the Web App is still usable but the commands are not reflected on the sign, check your network settings to assess any potential permissions issues.


I have some screens I’d like to save to use across different messages, what’s the best way to do this? 
  • We recommend setting aside a message with a unique name (so you won’t accidentally delete it!) and store your frequently used screens in there. Then, when you have a new message that you want to use one of those screens in, just click the “+” and select “Insert Message” and find your unique message name. Then go in and delete out any screens you don’t want.


I have a message scheduled during the correct time period but nothing is showing up on the Split Flap. What happened to my messages?
  • Double check the time zone in the settings. If the time zone is correctly selected (and your schedule has a message with screens in it!) – then reboot the sign via the settings page. If after a reboot the Web App is still usable but the commands are not reflected on the sign, reach out to us directly.


After rebooting the sign I’m left on a blank webpage – what happened?
  • Because the Split Flap is hosting the Web App itself, when you reboot the sign it may take a minute before you can access the Web App again. Just hit refresh on the page about 30 seconds after you reboot (once the IP Address shows up on the Split Flap).


My Split Flap is collecting some dust – what’s the best way to clean it?
  • A microfiber cloth and some water should do the trick – be sure to turn off the Split Flap before wiping it down and wet the cloth only, do not spray liquid on the Split Flap! If you dislodge one of the flaps while wiping down, you can simply re-insert the tabs into the corresponding holes of the adjacent wheels.


Nothing is working, what do I do?
  • If the Web App won’t show up that likely means the Split Flap is not connected to the network or your device is not connected to the same network as the Split Flap. Check all of your network settings first! This is the most common source, and one we have no control over! Once you’ve confirmed the network is just fine, and the sign is getting reliable power – call us at the number above to go through some more in-depth troubleshooting.

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