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Instant Classic


The Oat Foundry Split Flap Display is a modern take on the classic ‘departures’ boards historically found in European airports. Split Flaps are one-of-a-kind, unforgettable installations: the intersection of mesmerizing art, electro-mechanical complexity, and interactive technology.

A completely re-imagined modular design allows for the nostalgic technology to be reliable and applied to a plethora of use cases. Today, Split Flap Displays are used in dozens of different ways worldwide.

The familiar clack clack sound that sparks memories of past travels remains the same and continues to delight viewers, young and old.

Split Flap in Action

Split Flap Oat Foundry

Made in Philadelphia


Every Split Flap Display is built by hand for your specific project. Oat Foundry’s team of engineers design and manufacture every part of Split Flap at our shop in Philadelphia — from sheet metal and PCB design to how we get the motors to turn the flaps. We also work with local vendors in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. This allows us to offer a wide variety of sizes and customizations while maintaining the highest levels of quality control.

New School use cases

banquet Split Flap

The Banquet Split Flap






Creative Freedom


Go ahead, get creative! Oat Foundry Split Flap Displays are customizable for font, font color, flap color, logos, icons, and more. With this, your display can accurately represent your branding and make a bold statement to the world.


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Split Flap module_3


Split Flap module_2


Split Flap module_4
Kevin Barry Split Flap Display HD Expo

Temporary installation?


Have a temporary event, trade show, popup, or activation? We also rent a select few Split Flap Displays for daily, weekly, and monthly use. These are perfect for playing on a travel theme, or attracting conference goers to your booth!

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The Display has a cloud-based messaging interface so you can send your custom messages from anywhere in the world – manually or autonomously. The web app was built from the ground up with the Split Flap in mind, so each of the thousands of parts work in harmony once you press “Send” on your message.

split flap web app
split flap web app_1

Quick Messages

Send a one-off message with the touch of a button directly to Split Flap using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any device with a web browser. Watch a demo of the web app here.

split flap web app_2

Create a schedule

Using the web app, you can program messages to run on a schedule throughout the day or even all day! With this, you can set it and forget it, Split Flap will know to rotate through the messages you set in place. You can create and save any number of scheduled messages.

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Custom integrations & apps

Split Flap can also be controlled by integrations with 3rd party data sources such as APIs. With this, Split Flap can show real-time information from user polls, act as an “order up!” POS system and more. Check out this real-time flight tracker integration we built for Nolita Hall, a beer hall near the San Diego Airport.


Letter sizing

Every module contains 50 alphanumeric flaps that are 2.89″ H x 1.95″ W. Modules are 6″ H x 3″ W.


Displays have a Cat5e or Cat6 Ethernet port and connect to a router. It can be accessed via the local wifi network or via a nano router that generates a local signal.

Case sizing

Displays are built in columns (across) of 8 letters at a time and any number of rows (down). Packs of 8 letters are each 2′ wide.


Displays operate on 110-220V power depending on the size. Displays can also accommodate international standards.


Displays are controlled via a web-based application that can be accessed using any device’s web browser.


Displays can be installed on a wall, from a ceiling, and from a truss via the keyholes on the back of the display. They can also be recessed into wall or placed into frames.

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All displays come with a one-year warranty.

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