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An Elevated Experience

Dispensaries are a one-stop shop for those looking to find the right strain and elevate their mood. With Split Flap, you can create an environment that surprises and delights your customers’ moods even before they walk out the door. Dispensaries and Split Flap, a multifaceted match made in customer experience heaven.

Promote Your Products

We offer a range of Split Flap software integrations from video games to real-time features like current inventory, specials, sales data, and more. Our real-time integrations work great for giving alternate suggestions for out-of-stock products! Check out our real-time sales integration for Kit Kat.

One of a kind Sign

Our Split Flap Displays are 100% customizable from color and fonts to size and function. Each custom display is specially handcrafted for our clients – this makes your Spit Flap a one-of-a-kind. We’re waiting for our first all-green Split Flap build – will you be the one?

Split Flap Software 6

Engage with your customers

Split Flap Displays are rare to come by. When you see one for the first time, the continuous flipping and harmonious clacking creates an everlasting memory. Bringing a surprise and delight element into your dispensary will give your guests a reason to come back. Again and again.

Fits in any atmosphere

Chic, Minimalist, Modern – you name it! Our Split Flap Displays fit into any design style – and illuminate each atmosphere in a flipping cool way. You know it will fit perfectly behind your cashier or on that open wall you don’t know what to do with – so get inspired and check out some of our Split Flaps in retail here.

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