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Oat Foundry’s Analog Dictionary

analog adjective

an·a·log | \ˈa-nə-ˌlȯg \

Definition of analog

The antithesis of the digital world, not involving or relating to the use of a screen — The ability to physically move and change; modern, but rooted in nostalgia. Interactive and feels like magic.

Antonyms: digital, screens, TVs

Split Flap

split flap noun

\ ˈsplit-ˈflap \

Definition of split flap

The split flap is an analog alphanumeric display that uses movement to show changing text. The split flap came into popularity in the mid-century as a staple at airports, train stations, and other transit hubs.

Most importantly: not a screen!

You might also know it as: flip board, flap board, departures board, flippy, or flappy sign.

flap noun

\ ˈflap \

Flaps are the core component of our Split Flap displays. Each alphanumeric character is split across two flaps (get it?). Our flaps are thick polypropylene. The black material is screen-printed with white lettering for our classic Oat Foundry flaps.

Check out Station Craft’s two displays which use our classic font.

artboard noun

\ ärt-bôrd \

An artboard is the print layout file for your flap set. Every artboard has 50 flaps, mostly alphanumeric characters. Our standard artboard for flaps uses the Oat Foundry font, designed to meet ADA signage requirements. We have printed a variety of custom fonts, icons, logos, and colors for Split Flap displays. Swap out any symbols you don’t need for custom colors!

Check out Sweetgreen’s display that uses custom fonts, icons, and colors and 12 Bones Brewery uses their logo right on their flaps!

carousel noun

\ ˌkerəˈsel \

Our production team inserts each of the 50 flaps, in order, into the carousel wheels. Once in the Split Flap, the carousel is rotating through the flap sets to land on the letter, number, symbol, or color to display.

Check out KitKat’s display with custom red carousels.

module noun

\ ˈmäjo͞ol \

A module is the sheet metal container for the carousel with 50 flaps, a motor, and a few other electrical components. Each module is 6 inches tall and 3 inches wide.

Check out Erosion Wine’s display with custom metallic modules.

rows and columns noun

\ rōz and ˈkäləmz \

Since our Split Flaps are made-to-order and customizable, we use the count of rows and the count of columns as a quick reference to indicate the overall size of a sign. This measurement is the number of modules down and the number of columns across. Multiply it together and you’ll also get the total number of modules in a sign. Rows and columns are frequently abbreviated to “R” and “C.” Some of our favorite sizes worldwide are: 3Rx24C, 4Rx32C, and 6Rx24C.

header panel noun

\ ˈhedər-ˈpanl \

Each Split Flap has a sheet metal bar across the top. This header panel is 4 inches tall. You’ll find your on/off switch for the sign nestled in this panel and the power cable.

Check out Flight Wine’s display with a custom header vinyl.

animation noun

\ ˌanəˈmāSH(ə)n \

An animation is the intentional rotation effect used to move your flaps – across the sign – from one message to the next. Our software team has designed and developed over 20 beautiful animations. Some of our personal favorites are: Spiral, Left-to-Right, Snake Down, and Matrix. Custom colors really stand out in animations!

Check out our queue of animations here.

webapp noun

\ web-ap \

Our WebApp is a browser-based operating software that allows you to control your Split Flap. Our WebApp allows you to build new content, edit saved messages, and design a schedule. Any custom software would be accessible and controlled via the WebApp as well. We have a variety of Split Flap owners connected to POS systems, calendars, quote generators, and more to auto-populate their sign with messaging.

Split Flap Software 4